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Title: Co-Executive Director
Employment Type: Full-time
Location: Remote, preferably in Global South
Compensation and benefits: $60,000 USD annual salary + benefits*

Deadline to apply: September 10th, 2021

*Please note FRIDA is currently undergoing a salary scale review process. A revised increased salary will be implemented before the end of 2021.

Founded in 2010, FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund (FRIDA) is the only youth-led fund focused exclusively on supporting young feminist activism to advance social justice movements and agendas across the Global South. We believe in the collective power, expertise, and innovation of young feminist organizers to address root causes and structures of inequality in order to create lasting change in their communities.

To this end, FRIDA:
● Provides small flexible grants to fund initiatives led by young women and trans youth under 30 years old with small flexible grants for core support, selected through a participatory review process.
● Offers opportunities for capacity strengthening that are accessible and responsive to the needs of young feminist organizers, and based on linking and learning relationships that strengthen networks of young feminist activists;
● Mobilizes resources from both traditional and non-traditional sources, to enhance the quality and quantity of funding for women’s human rights; and
● Builds knowledge for advocacy to ensure financial and non-financial policies are inclusive and responsive to the priorities articulated by young women, girls and trans* youth.

FRIDA uses a co-leadership structure consisting of two Co-Executive Directors (Co-EDs) who lead the Fund, complimenting each other’s skills, capacities and experiences. Co-EDs are both responsible for the strategic leadership and executive coordination of the Fund, as well as its operations and governance. The new Co-Executive Director will work in close partnership with current Co-ED, Majandra Rodriguez Acha.

Following a period of rapid growth in recent years, FRIDA is in a period of organizational learning and consolidation. As we implement our 2020-2021 Strategic Plan, a core priority is organizational development (OD), to ensure that our internal systems and structures stay relevant to FRIDA’s increased size, that all staff members are able to thrive and grow within FRIDA, that we continue to build feminist organizational cultures, and that FRIDA remains accountable to diverse young feminist movements.

FRIDA is looking for a Co-ED who will:
● Get young feminist organizers more resources: Supporting a team to ensure FRIDA provides accessible, responsive, and strategic resources and capacity strengthening for newly established young feminist-led initiatives; and increasing the commitment of donors and allies to resource young feminist activism.
● Support young feminist organizers to be leaders of strong intergenerational and intersectional social movements: Amplifying the voices, influence, and contributions of young feminists; supporting young feminist-led initiatives and collaborations that respond to the needs of current movements; engaging in partnerships that contribute to more and better resources for young feminist activists; and modeling and advocating for better practices in the funding sector.
● Create innovative, holistic, and transformative organizational cultures and systems: Ensuring the holistic health of FRIDA’s structures and organizational culture so that all community members are happy, sustainable, safe, and effective; fostering leadership in all team members; promoting and overseeing collaborative team structures and collective processes; thinking outside the box – and presenting new ways of organizing.

FRIDA is a youth-led fund, and therefore we are prioritizing young women, trans, intersex and non-binary youth candidates for this position. The hope is that the new Co-ED will hold the role for at least 4-5 years, and therefore preference will be given to candidates who are 31 years of age or less.

1. Shared Strategic Leadership and Executive Oversight
● Co-responsible for facilitating the collective development of the strategic vision and political positioning of FRIDA, and for implementing FRIDA’s strategic plan, annual plans, related work planning, and organizational development and growth plans.
● Represent and position FRIDA in international, regional and local venues with young feminists, funders, media and allies.
● Maintain existing, and develop new relationships/alliances with key strategic allies and partners including women’s funds and other regional and international feminist organisations.
● Ensure the organizational capacity to meet FRIDA’s strategic outcomes, and identify and manage risks.

2. Ensuring necessary financial resources and resilience
● Work closely with the Resource Mobilization team, providing guidance, oversight and direct support to secure the financial resources needed to meet FRIDA’s mission. This includes diverse institutional and individual fundraising, including proposal writing and revising, donor meetings, online fundraising campaigns, and reporting.
● Work closely with the Finance team through oversight and direct support, to ensure FRIDA’s financial sustainability to achieve its long-term goals. This includes monitoring the organizational cashflow; developing, tracking and approving budgets and expenditures; liaising with external auditors and Board Co-Treasurers, among others.

3. Shared Governance
● Strengthen FRIDA’s global feminist governance by overseeing, co facilitating and supporting diverse processes and structures, such as participatory decision-making mechanisms.
● Oversee and work in close collaboration and coordination with FRIDA’s management team, fostering cross-team collaboration, feminist accountability, and care-centered leadership.
● Work closely with FRIDA’s Board of Directors, including assisting the Board to identify and properly manage risks, assisting in the selection of new Board members, supporting planning and evaluation meetings, supporting Board-staff communications, among others.
● Provide regular reports and ensure accountability to FRIDA’s Board of Directors, as well as support Board accountability to the broader FRIDA community.

4. Programmatic development and support
● Provide strategic guidance and support to FRIDA’s Programs team, for the development and implementation of grantmaking and capacity strengthening support for young feminist activists. In particular, support the Programs team to deliver quality support and maintain ongoing relationships with FRIDA grantee partners in the regions closest to the CoED’s location and expertise, as well as across the Global South.
● Provide strategic guidance and support to FRIDA’s Communications and Advocacy team, for the development and implementation of FRIDA’s Advocacy and Comms Strategies.
● Provide strategic guidance and support to FRIDA’s Holistic Security team, for the development and implementation of FRIDA’s feminist tech principles, ensuring holistic security throughout FRIDA’s work.
● Provide strategic guidance and support to FRIDA’s Global Advisory work.

5. Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning
● Oversee FRIDA’s systemized approach to Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, linked to strategic outcomes, through providing strategic guidance and support to FRIDA’s MEL team.

6. Administration, Human Resources and Organizational Culture
● Supervise half of FRIDA’s team managers (conduct reviews, support their professional development and growth within FRIDA, provide close guidance and support) and enable individual and team growth and shared leadership.
● Oversee and provide direct support to FRIDA’s Human Resources team, working closely to co-develop and implement internal policies and processes in line with FRIDA’s feminist principles and Canadian not-for-profit legislation.
● Build a strong feminist organizational culture that is rooted in collective care and collaboration, guided by FRIDA’s Happiness Manifestx, through providing strategic guidance and support to FRIDA’s Communities & Culture team, modeling by example and co-facilitating organization-wide processes, among others.

● You are a young feminist under 31-years old, preferably based in the Caribbean, Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central and North Asia (CEECCNA), West, East, Southern and Central Africa (WESCA), South West Asia and North Africa (SWANA), or South, South- East, East Asia and the Pacific (SSEEAP).
● 4+ years of activism both offline and online with young feminist organizations/initiatives in the Global South working for human rights.
● Knowledge and understanding of diverse young feminist movements, particularly across the Global South.
● At least 2 years experience in leadership and/or management roles and demonstrated supervision/coaching skills and experience.
● Excellent written and oral communication skills in English, preferably in addition to one other FRIDA working language (Arabic, French, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish)
● Post-secondary degree in social justice/human rights studies or a related field OR equivalent experience in human rights, not-for-profit management, international development, community development, women’s leadership.
● Direct experience with and/or strong understanding of FRIDA’s work and FRIDA’s community and the global women’s rights / human rights funding landscape.

● Experience in mobilizing resources and/or has the capacity to build relationships with those who have resources that benefit young feminist organizing, this can include writing proposals and reports, running crowdfunding campaigns, organizing events, leading meetings, negotiating agreements, making connections between key people, and more.
● Experience working with collective and community-based processes, governance and organizations, this can include experience in community run and mutual aid initiatives, movement assemblies and collective decision making, shared and rotational leadership practices, alternative governance models, and more.
● Technical background in research, monitoring, evaluation and learning, with a focus on working in solidarity with community and movements (centered in non-extractivist and community-centric principles).
● Demonstrated skills in financial management, budgeting and organizational financial health monitoring.
● Experience and understanding of digital security, feminist tech, holistic security to support activists and social justice movements.

A strong vision and passion for transforming feminist philanthropy and expanding the leadership and influence of girls, women and trans youth in their local, regional, and global communities.

A commitment to participatory decision-making processes and a belief in collective power: You have the ability to foster a strong sense of team spirit and collaboration across identities, geographies, and generations – especially in a virtual environment.

You are committed to building feminist co-leadership, shared responsibilities and genuine partnership – and to dismantling conventional, ego-driven and competitive notions of leadership.

Ability to manage complexities and challenges: You anticipate internal and external challenges and establish mitigation strategies. You know when and how to ask for support and appropriately collaborate with others to help you problem-solve. You manage conflict and crises in a way that instills calm and inspires confidence.

People development skills: You have a demonstrated capacity to support and motivate others in a way that encourages confidence and allows them to deliver great results. You co-create clear objectives with your teams, provide concrete and constructive feedback and coach them to develop their skills so they can make an even greater contribution in future.

Cultural Agility: You are comfortable working with a diverse team, dispersed around the globe in various time zones and a willingness and ability to travel internationally.

A commitment to FRIDA’s values, priorities, and viewpoints and you can speak openly and confidently about them: For example, FRIDA funds groups that are made up of, working with and/or defend the rights of socially excluded and disadvantaged young women, trans and intersex youth, especially: sex workers, refugees, ethnic, national and caste minorities, people living with HIV and AIDS, people with disabilities, people working on access to abortion.

You have a strong commitment to anti-racism and dismantling white supremacy, and to decolonial practices and approaches.

Resilience: You will work in a very dynamic, global environment. We work to advance social justice movements and agendas led by young feminists across the globe. It’s emotional work and will require you to be highly self-aware. Success in this environment will come with the ability to show empathetic and adaptive leadership. You will not be in this alone, but in partnership and in community.

The recruitment process will be carried out from July-November (with flexibility to extend if needed), with the goal to begin onboarding the new Co-ED by December 2021.

We remain committed to supporting and nurturing young feminist leadership throughout this process. We are equally committed to modeling good practices and learning from the experience in order to strengthen our knowledge of what are natural and regular and healthy processes of transitions in organizations and movements.

Please submit all application materials to by September 10th, 2021 with “Co Executive Director_[your name and last name]” in the subject line.

1. A letter of interest OR recorded video outlining how your lived and professional experience align to the description of the Co-ED role. Please include a mention of your vision and approach to feminist organizational development and co-leadership.

2. A recent curriculum vitae (CV)/resume

3. A list of three references, detailing their names, email address and role/position. The references must be: someone whom you have supervised or worked with in a supervisory capacity, someone who has supervised you, and one additional reference of your choice.

LGBTQIA+ youth, BIPOC (black, Indigenous, people of color) and youth from the following regions: Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central and North Asia (CEECCNA), West, East, Southern and Central Africa (WESCA), South West Asia and North Africa (SWANA), Caribbean, and South, South- East, East Asia and the Pacific (SSEEAP) are strongly encouraged to apply.

If you have any questions please email them to with “Co-Executive Director- FAQ” in the subject line.

We recognize that impostor syndrome and self-doubt can be significant barriers, particularly for young LGBTQIA+ people, young BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) folx, youth with disabilities and more. We encourage you to apply if you are excited about the vision of this co leadership role and what you could contribute to FRIDA, even if you feel you may not hold all of the qualifications listed here.

To apply for this job please visit