It’s About to Get Real: Feminist Giving Coming Out in September

Big news! My book, Feminist Giving: Creating New Frontiers in Social Change, is finally coming out!

feminist giving
Feminist Giving: Creating New Frontiers in Social Change is due out in September 2022. The book features over 100 leaders and chronicles the history of the women’s funding movement. (Image Credit: Feminist Giving)

I had been circulating a book proposal for a while and was not getting any good bites, so have finally decided to go with a “hybrid publisher” — where you can get maximum circulation prospects and also maintain copyright ownership of your work. In large part, I will be assembling my own team for marketing and distribution.

Publishing a Book is Hard, and Doesn’t Leave Much Time for Other Work

As you can imagine, it has been challenging to balance working on the book, my 75+ open caseload as a therapist, and finding time for Philanthropy Women. Lots is still happening in feminist philanthropy and I will be writing a round-up of the latest big doings next week.

Scenes from a work-in progress. The book will have both ebook format and regular book format, with the ebook being enriched with tons of live links to the feminist giving universe. (Image credit: Feminist Giving)

As I compiled the book’s chapters, it was quite the experience reliving a lot of the content we have been writing about here at PW for the past five years. Since feminist giving is so oriented toward inclusiveness, I hope I am as inclusive as possible in the many who are discussed in the book. Of course, the book can’t include everyone, and I am not looking forward to those awkward conversations about why certain people or events might not have been included. It is a book, and not an encyclopedia. As well, I’ve concluded through the process of writing the book that we also need a second book just for the Feminist Giving In Real Life series (F-GIRL), so folks in that series, if you’re not in the book, your turn is coming up soon!

The book features history and analysis of feminist giving leaders. (Image credit: Feminist Giving)

Writing A Feminist Book in Anti-Feminist Times

One of the obstacles to writing this book has been the constant interruptions, those coming from my therapist work, those coming from my family and pets, and those coming from the increasingly regressive political environment of the past two years. It’s hard to stay hopeful about increasing feminism’s presence in the world, when everywhere you look, something un-feminist is happening.

Feminist Giving features many of the feminist giving leaders we have been covering here at Philanthropy Women for the past five years. (Image credit: Feminist Giving)

But we are plodding onward, and ever upward, in the effort to get the message out that feminists are not going away. In fact, they are getting more strategic and less easily intimidated, and you see that trend across class and race and disability lines. People are ready for a world that is centered more on care and relationships, and feminist givers are helping us get there, one way or another.

So I hope you will buy the book when it comes out, and will keep your subscription with Philanthropy Women while I write the book and spend time touring to promote the book. I can’t do it without you, and I am literally so thankful every day for our subscribers.


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Author: Kiersten Marek

Kiersten Marek, LICSW, is the founder of Philanthropy Women. She practices clinical social work and writes about how women donors and their allies are advancing social change.

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