More Feminist Giving News than Ever, and Happy Thanksgiving!

The feminist giving news is coming at us fast and furious here at Philanthropy Women, and I am truly like Lucille Ball working in the candy store on the conveyor belt, with my mouth and shirt packed with candies and nowhere to go with them all. In my highly packed schedule of clinical sessions and book editing sessions, there is not much time left to write up all of this feminist giving news.

Top feminist giving news stories, much like the chocolates on Lucy and Ethel’s conveyor belt, are relentless. (Image credit: I Love Lucy)

But I will enumerate some of the big happenings nonetheless, as I work away at changes to the proof hardcover copy of Feminist Giving. I am surprised at how many people seem to want to buy a paper copy, preferring it over the ebook. The ebook is a much more facile resource for connecting to the web of feminist giving activity, research, and thought leadership, as it contains the links to the 240 citations in the book. In the print book, those citations are all enumerated and listed in the end notes.

But we must give the people what they want, and we are working hard on it! The hardcover edition should be ready for sale any day now. Hope to announce that the hardcover edition is available before Thanksgiving!

Top Feminist Giving News for November 17, 2022

1: 27th Conference of the Parties (COP27) Focuses on Gender

On November 14, 2022, Gender Day at COP27, the U.S. government announced several new strategies and initiatives aimed at addressing the impact of climate change on women and girls and increasing women’s power and rights in response to this. More information here. Also as part of of COP27, African Development Bank committed $100 million  “in loans to public and private sector projects to address gender and climate issues.” More here. In addition, as Alliance reports, a new network for indigenous and local women has been formed from COP27. Called the Women in Global South Alliance for Tenure and Climate, the advocacy network seeks to secure more global funding for women and girls.  

2: UK Government Launches New $100 Mil Program to Help Women-Owned Businesses in Nigeria

The project will be financed by British International Investments through the First Bank of Nigeria. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation also recommitted to supporting economic development for women in Nigeria, in tandem with government investments. More information here.

3: Fund for Workforce Equity Selects Inaugural Grantees, Many with Gender Focus

Each of these inaugural grantees will receive $75,000 to work on workforce equity with “innovative strategies that can lead to systemic change,” said Loh-Sze Leung, director of Workforce Matters. More information here.

4: New Research Proves Value of Investing in Women Business Creators in Southeast Asia

An analysis of 10 years of global data from Root Capital shows the benefits of investing with a gender lens. The study, Inclusion Pays: The Returns on Investing in Women in Agriculture, finds that agricultural businesses with more women’s leadership and participation have greater stability and profitability. “Our experience, and now our data, over the last 10 years contradicts the widespread misconceptions that result in women receiving a meager 7% of global agricultural investment. Investors should look to women in agriculture not only because they are key to fighting global poverty, food insecurity, and climate change; they also generate a higher return on investment,” said Willy Foote, Founder and CEO of Root Capital.

5: Elluminate, formerly Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York, Expands Mission

Now, the organization, rebranded as Elluminate, will be providing “cohort support for women leading organizations that are doing social entrepreneurship.” Each cohort member receives $20,000 a year for two years in support of their work, with an added $5,000 for professional development in the first year. More information here.


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Author: Kiersten Marek

Kiersten Marek, LICSW, is the founder of Philanthropy Women. She practices clinical social work and writes about how women donors and their allies are advancing social change.

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