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It’s nice to be number one, even if only for a short time, and better for a long time. Currently, Feminist Giving is trending on Kobo as the number one title under a number of headings and sub-headings.

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Working with my team on Feminist Giving has occupied a great deal of my time, much moreso than I would have estimated. Being your own editor and publisher requires a number of technical skills on top of everything else. And then when people are having trouble with their subscription, I am also my own technical support. So since Bill Gates and many of the other technology pioneers of our time have had their way, technology takes up more of my time than I would like. However, I approach new technology issues as a challenge, a puzzle to be solved, and more often than not, I can solve the puzzle. Not bad for being 53. We’ll see if I can still keep up on all these technologies at 65.

Top Ten Happenings in Feminist Giving

#1: Generosity and Gender by Lois A. Buntz has Arrived

Generosity and Gender, by Lois A. Buntz, is a fabulous compendium of stories and information related to gender and giving. The book gives a strong overview of how gender difference is manifesting in philanthropy, and helps build cultural familiarity for the names and faces powering women’s giving. Buy the book here.

#2: Donors of Color Announces New ED to Rock the Philanthropy Boat

Isabelle Leighton, the new Executive Director of Donors of Color Network. (Image credit: Isabelle Leighton on LinkedIn)

Donors of Color Network announced Isabelle Leighton as the organization’s new executive director. “Under her leadership, Leighton will continue the organization’s mission of shifting the center of gravity in philanthropy towards racial, economic, and social justice,” said the press release announcing her appointment. And gender! Don’t leave out gender!

#3: David Rockefeller Fund Names New CEO

Lourdes J. Rodríguez, DrPH, named Chief Executive Officer of David Rockefeller Fund.
 (Image credit: Roj Rodriguez)

Following an extensive national search, the David Rockefeller Fund’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce Lourdes J. Rodríguez, DrPH as the family foundation’s next Chief Executive Officer.

“Given the population-level traumas created by issues like the climate crisis and the U.S. system of mass incarceration, we are especially eager to have Lourdes’ perspective on collective recovery and community wellness,” said Camilla Rockefeller, Chair of the Search Committee. “Her work on public health brings an important new lens to our work at the Fund.”

The search was conducted by Sandi Haynes, who worked alongside the Fund’s Board of Directors, Jamie Bennett, Mindy Thompson Fullilove, M.D., Michael Quattrone, Camilla Rockefeller, and Clay Rockefeller, as well as Lexi Fisher, the Chief Operating Officer, who previously served as an interim CEO.

#4: Sara Lomelin Gives Big TED Talk!

Sara Lomelin gave a TED talk on the power of giving circles. (Image credit: TED)

On Sept. 20, TED published a new talk by Sara Lomelin, CEO of Philanthropy Together, on how to diversify and democratize philanthropy. Recorded at the TED 2022 conference in Vancouver, Sara joined new voices and bright minds on the stage, including Elon Musk, Bryce Dallas Howard, Bill Gates, and Cordae. In her first-ever TED Talk, Sara shares her take on the future of philanthropy, how greater diversity and democracy in philanthropy is necessary – and already happening – to change who and what gets funded. (By the way, Sara is featured in Feminist Giving!)

#5: WPI Symposium is Back In Person March 2023

It appears that 2023 will see the return of in-person conferencing at one of the most important meetings related to women’s giving. The Women’s Philanthropy Institute has announced its new conference dates, March 28-29 at the Chicago Downtown Marriott Magnificent Mile. From the WPI newsletter:

The 2023 theme is All In, All Rise to empower women to use all of their resources to uplift others. Our research shows that women access all the Ts of philanthropy when they give — offering their time, talent, treasure, ties, and testimony. Women are all in when activating their generosity.

Join us during our two-day conference as we examine how women’s involvement in philanthropy strengthens communities, encourages greater strategic giving, and builds a more engaged and diverse society. 

#6: IWPR is Official Partner of New Dolly Parton Documentary, Still Working 9 to 5

Produced by Mighty Fine Entertainment, Twin Zone Productions and in association with Artemis Rising Foundation, the documentary infuses humor with facts as the cast of the original blockbuster film 9 to 5 reflect on the timelessness of the issues raised in the film, the treatment of women in the workforce, and just how far we haven’t come. Read more about the IWPR partnership to make this movie here.

#7: Important New Report on Gender Equality in Latin America

The new report from Ellas is available on their website. (Image credit: Ellas)

A new report from Ellas entitled Building the field of philanthropy and gender justice in Latin America and the Caribbean offers a wealth of information on the growing movements in these regions of the world.

#8: Melinda French Gates Makes the Rounds in New York at CGI and Ford Foundation

Melinda French Gates, Malala, Jennifer Granholm, Dolores Huerta, Laurene Powell Jobs — you name them, they were there at the relaunch of the Clinton Global Initiative. And a short few days later, there was Melinda Gates again, popping up at the Ford Foundation’s launch of the Alliance for Feminist Movements. Just wondering: were these two meetings planned around Melinda’s schedule or was it just dumb luck? Coincidence? I wonder!

#9: 20 New Signers to Pay Equity Pledge in Green Sector

Green 2.0, a campaign working to increase racial and ethnic diversity in the environmental movement announced that twenty new major environmental organizations have taken Green 2.0’s Pay Equity Pledge.

The pledge is an effort to tackle the massive pay equity issues for women and people of color that plague our economy, with a focus on closing the pay gap in the green movement. New signatories to this effort include Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Earthjustice. Since the launch, a total of 37 top environmental organizations have pledged to address any pay inequities found in their organizations, and to increase transparency and accountability.

#10: Women’s Health Market to Grow by $30.35 Billion Due to Rising Awareness of GYN Disease

Wow, you’re kidding. We’re actually going to start paying attention to women’s gynecological complaints and creating more medicine to address the issues. Astonishing! More information here.


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Author: Kiersten Marek

Kiersten Marek, LICSW, is the founder of Philanthropy Women. She practices clinical social work and writes about how women donors and their allies are advancing social change.

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