Women in Focus: HEX Features Female Photographers in New Series

In an ongoing series, the fashion brand HEX aims to highlight the work of female photographers. 

Women in Focus (Image Credit: HEX)

The video series, entitled Women in Focus, tells the stories of five female photographers at different stages in their careers. The content spotlights their individual stories, challenges, workplace practices, and advice that they offer about their experiences as women in a predominantly male field. 

HEX themselves are responsible for producing various photography bags that feature innovative technologies, antimicrobial fabrics and patented designs ideal for the photographer at work. They wish to support creators in the field through this series by connecting women creatives through hearing each other’s stories. 

As Trent Vallsderes, founder of HEX describes, “We are excited to work with these talented photographers for this series. This project showcases a meaningful element to the photography space. In the past, women have largely had roles in front of the camera rather than behind it. These are women that inspire women and us that we are sure will inspire others.”

The five women featured in this series are Shauna Wade, Claire Lejeune, Elise Swopes, Natalie Amrossi and Enkrypt Los Angeles. 

Shauna Wade is a self-taught photographer based in New York. She is a Sony Ambassador whose work has been featured by Apple, among other companies. Shauna is a self-proclaimed travel and landscape photographer, as can be seen in her work. Aside from her work as a photographer, she also created one of the first and largest photo sharing platforms on the web, called Moodygrams. Photographers showcase their work here and Shauna’s selections here clearly display her love of the mysterious. 

Working as both a photographer and visual artist, Claire Lejeune is based in Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Paris. Being a native Parisian, many have come to call her Lady Baguette. Her photographic style is bold and polished. She has worked with Adidas, Puma, Stella Artois and others. Her website can be found here.

Elise Swopes is based in Brooklyn, NY and is known for mixing photography with graphic images to create surrealist photography pieces. She hosts her own podcast, called Swopes so Dope. Adobe, Apple, Nike, Sony, McDonald’s, Adidas and Starwood Hotels are among the clients she has worked with. She also gave a TED-X Talk. She can be found on her website, here.

Natalie Amrossi, or Misshatten, is a photographer based in New York who left her job in finance to pursue her passion for photography. Often her photographs are of the places and food she sees when traveling, but her main subject is the city of New York. She has worked previously with Google, Heineken, American Express, Jaguar, Coach and more. She has also been written about by publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Vogue, NY Magazine, Buzzfeed and The Thrillist. Her website can be found here

A photographer, videographer and director, Enkrypt Los Angeles based in the Californian city from which she gets her name. She is a self-taught photographer who discovered her love of the medium during her time as an IT technician at Sony. She is inspired by street photography that captures graffiti, gang life and so on and displays its beauty. She has worked at length with the rapper Reverie, the Cortez Brothers and Estrella Jalisco. Her website can be found here.

Triple Dividends for Featuring and Supporting Female Artists

So far, HEX has released the segment on Shauna Wade. Throughout June, the rest of the series will be released. Keep up with the project here, and support the featured artists by checking out their websites that are linked above. As HEX has highlighted, showing support to female creatives in their fields is necessary considering the hardships they endure as women. 

HEX provides an interesting model for corporate gender lens philanthropy with this initiative. By featuring the work of women for whom their products are made, they are thinking strategically and creating a triple bottom line of new activity in the sector: providing enriching content for their customer base, supporting women artists, and also increasing the storytelling about women that is so necessary to changing male-dominated fields like photography.


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