Stop the Spread: Donors Going Above and Beyond

In the face of global crises, the poor and vulnerable always suffer the most. Globally, the majority of the poor and vulnerable are women and children. Women face rape, perpetual abuse, and violence in the face of war, political instability, and global pandemics like COVID-19. I am seeing this first-hand through our field training centers in rural India, where most villagers rely on daily wages to meet their basic needs.

stop the spread
Diana Mao, President and Co-Founder of Nomi Network, shares her perspective on how COVID is impacting women in India, and how donors are stepping up to help. (Photo credit: Nomi Network)

We also work in states such as Bihar, where there is extensive corruption, lack of rule of law, and systemic violence against women. Through many disheartening calls and reports from our field staff, these are some of the ways that we are witnessing our trainees and villagers suffering the most:

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