Benny Bonsu and GiveMeSport Team Up To Boost Women’s Sports Media

Benny Bonsu, award-winning sports journalist and advocate, who founded the Girls in Sports Foundation, will be Head of Women’s Sports for GiveMeSport. (Photo credit: Benny Bonsu, Twitter)

It’s another win for women in sports media!

On May 29, 2019, GiveMeSport announced their decision to appoint Benny Bonsu as the new Head of Women’s Sport, building the foundation for the company’s new media outlet dedicated to covering women in sports.

GiveMeSport (GMS), a division of Bragg Gaming, is an online sports media outlet that provides real-time news and interviews for sports fans, focusing on exclusive content like interviews with players and managers. GiveMeSport Women will be GMS’s latest foray into female-focused media management, dedicated to complete coverage of women in sports.

The choice of Benny Bonsu for this appointment is based on her extensive experience in women’s sports, as well as her passion for elevating the standards for media coverage in the sports field. She is an award-winning sports journalist and broadcaster, with a resume that spans the 2012 Olympic Games, the NBA, BBC World Service, and a multitude of wildly successful sports television shows and magazines in Africa.

As an activist, Bonsu has taken a firm stance promoting coverage of women’s sports.

“Forty percent of all athletes are women, yet only seven percent of sports coverage is dedicated to them,” she said. “We’re going to change that. GMS Women is a platform where we champion female athletes and inspire women and girls who want to be like their heroes through content that is original, honest and unapologetically bold. Aspiring female athletes need to see that.”

Bonsu’s career and successes in philanthropy exemplify the ways feminist giving strategies can make huge waves in media.

With the support of Fusion Lifestyle in 2015, Bonsu founded the Girls In Sport Foundation (GIS), an organization dedicated to providing opportunities for women and girls with access to sports of all kinds, as well as amplification for the female role models who inspire girls and women to dream for and pursue professional careers as athletes.

GIS promotes girls’ and women’s roles in professional sports through workshops, seminars, and programs designed to introduce girls to sports business, broadcasting, and competition on the professional level. Since the organization’s founding in 2015, Bonsu has toured more than 50 schools with leading lady athletes, broadcasters, and sports businesswomen, engaging and inspiring young audiences. The organization also offers opportunities like summer camps and exchange programs for boys and girls from underprivileged areas. These programs bring the access the sports and sports education that lead to a passion and interest in professional sports, which will eventually fuel a successful career in the athletics industry.

At GiveMeSport, Bonsu and the GMS team plan to answer the growing demand for media coverage of women’s sports content.

“Our fans world-wide are passionate about a range of women’s sports,” said Rick Waterlow, GMS’s Managing Director. “And under Benny’s leadership, GMS is not only significantly expanding our content, but is becoming the global home for all women’s sport content.” This is part of GMS’s larger plan for restructuring the entire company, which has led to significant growth in the organization’s online presence and viewership. “Adding the Women’s Sport focus, and a leader of Benny’s caliber, is another critical step in realizing our vision of becoming the global leader in sport news.”

GMS is just one of the many companies recognizing the growing importance of women’s sports media. As women’s philanthropy continues to focus on improving opportunities for women and girls in sports, it creates an automatic need for coverage of the events, competitions, and tournaments for professional female athletes. In this way, feminist philanthropy has had a direct impact on the mainstream media — as more people look for this content, more media outlets are committing air time and budget to female-focused programs.

The effect is incredible: as more young girls and women see themselves in the role models on their TV screens and in social media, the horizons continue to expand for female athletes.

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Author: Maggie May

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