Clear and Precious: RBG’s Legacy Lives On in Feminist Giving

There are many things I could write about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I could tell you stories about my college friends chanting “Notorious RBG strikes again!” and wearing black tee shirts embroidered with lace collars. I could talk about her support for the LGBT community, people with disabilities, women and girls, and women’s right to choose. I could recite her many groundbreaking victories, not just as a Supreme Court justice but as a woman paving the way for future generations of female leaders.

RBG, the 2018 documentary by Julie Cohen and Betsy West, helped familiarize the public with the amazing life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. (Image Credit: RBG)

As we face a world without Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and the implications of her empty seat on the Supreme Court, it’s far too easy to fall into a habit of despair and disaster omens. Instead, what’s important to remember is the legacy of RBG: a legacy of doing what is right, rather than what is easy, and standing up for what we believe in so that we give courage to others to follow our lead.

The philanthropic community, like many communities in the country and world, is still reeling from the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the intensity of 2020. Below are some of the responses from the feminist philanthropy community on the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Today, let’s take a moment to remember this one-of-a-kind leader, honor her journey, and look toward a future where we preserve her legacy together.

Melinda Gates

Gates continued, “She was a brilliant jurist, an inimitable Supreme Court justice, a force for equality and integrity—and she was one of my heroes. There will never be another RBG, but we are a much better, fairer country for all that she gave us.”

The Harnisch Foundation

Roxane Gay

“This is a painful loss personally and politically,” she continued. “RBG had an incredible career. She made so much possible for so many. Her mind was unparalleled. Her heart was fierce. For many of us, we will have the urge to panic because we know too well what’s at stake. And it’s okay to feel what you need to feel while also remembering there is work to do.”

“Support get out the vote efforts in any way you can. Support Biden/Harris,” she encouraged. “Talk to people who are undecided. RBG modeled how to deal with times such as these. I will do my best to follow her example despite the grief and worry. I hope we all do.”

The New York Women’s Foundation

African American Policy Forum

Kimberlé Crenshaw

Women’s Foundation California

Gloria Steinem on RBG: A Clear and Precious Legacy

“The more we learn about her words and deeds, the more she will remain a force in our lives and the world around us,” Steinem continued. “She left us a clear and precious legacy. It’s up to us to keep her spirit alive.”

A Call To Men

ERA Coalition on RBG: Continue the Fight


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