Women of Wealth to Congress: Stop the GOP Tax Scam

Women of Wealth, powered by Women Donors Network and Patriotic Millionaires,  invites “all women who consider themselves ‘wealthy’ to join us in our fight to build a society of true abundance.”

While Donald Trump is predicting that his “monumental” tax bill will pass next week, women donors came together to demand that Congress reject the tax plan currently being finalized by the GOP. “This is not the decent and fair America we seek to build,” a letter from over 200 women states, as it blasts the GOP for its reckless and irresponsible tax bill.

Calling the tax legislation “morally bankrupt, intellectually corrupt, and economically indefensible,” the letter signed by over 200 Women of Wealth members.

Patriotic Millionaire Abigail Disney, heiress to the Disney fortune, said that, “If passed, this legislation will gut programs that are essential to our children and the elderly, it will kick millions of Americans off of their health insurance, and it will explode our deficit in the name of tax cuts for the wealthy. How could anyone stand by this plan?”

Other prominent networks signing on to the letter include Resource Generation, Responsible Wealth, and Voices for Progress. The letter refers to the GOP tax plan as “a direct assault on our nation” and urges citizens, particularly “fellow people of wealth” to voice their dissent.

“This makes no sense, morally or intellectually. I demand my lawmakers vote no on this bill,” said Kathleen Barry, member of the Women Donors Network, in a press release about the letter. “At a time when our infrastructure is crumbling, our communities are sick, and our families need more support, the GOP is trying to give tax cuts to the wealthy.”

This letter demonstrates the strengthening collaboration of progressive women donors as they push back against a political environment that has grown increasingly hostile to equality and social justice movements.

View the full letter here.


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Author: Kiersten Marek

Kiersten Marek, LICSW, is the founder of Philanthropy Women. She practices clinical social work in Cranston, Rhode Island, and writes about how women donors and their allies are advancing social change.

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