#WomenFunded2019: WFN Opens Registration for Annual Conference

Women Funding Network’s Executive Director Cynthia Nimmo. (Photo Credit: WFN)

The Women’s Funding Network (WFN) recently opened registration for their September conference, Women Funded 2019: Leadership for a Changing World.

The event, held from September 11-13 at Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco’s Japantown neighborhood, is the next iteration in WFN’s successful conference series. You may remember last September’s Seattle takeover with Women Moving Millions and the Gates Foundation — WFN’s WOMEN+POWER conference was held in Seattle, Washington, in an incredible weekend for feminist thought leaders.

The San Francisco conference is gearing up to be WFN’s biggest event yet, featuring more than 80 speakers across more than 40 sessions. This year’s four themes — On The Frontlines, It’s Personal, The Power of Voice, and How Money Moves — focus on resolving complex social issues, leading with power across sectors, shaping stories, policy, and solution, and re-shaping philanthropy by redefining investment.

“Our speakers, from all walks of life, are creating innovative and effective solutions to everything from climate change to the wage gap,” said WFN President & CEO, Cynthia Nimmo. “For example, the conference will include women who were formerly incarcerated and are now leaders in the criminal justice system, Latina women leading the national effort for reproductive rights, and Native American women who are front and center in the national dialogue on how to better partner with the Native American population. We will also hear from women investing in women and look at how philanthropy can be reshaped to direct and maximize resources toward gender equity.”

“I think it’s so important to hear from the people who are effecting change directly,” added Nimmo. “I’m particularly inspired by our incredible roster of speakers and sessions this year.”

One of this year’s keynote speakers is Mary Robinson, the former President of Ireland and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Robinson’s work in the human rights sphere has earned her a large number of honors and awards, including a Presidential Medal of Freedom from former President Barack Obama.

Kevin Powell, 2019’s second keynote speaker, is a noted writer, speaker, and activist in the campaign against violence toward women and girls. Powell’s session, “What is a Man? A Message for Us All,” will explore the concept of toxic masculinity and positive masculinity, as well as the ways these impact men’s and boy’s violent behaviors toward women and girls.

Tickets for the event are now on sale, starting at $250 for a single-day ticket, or $700 for a General Admission weekend pass ($600 for registered WFN members).

The event promises to be a weekend of learning and inspiration for all, with session topics ranging from reproductive rights and the effects of mass incarceration on women to the importance of grassroots mobilization, the specific issues teen girls face as they approach adulthood, and the impact women can have when they invest in other women.

“I think the majority of our sessions are for everyone and participants will find them both educational and inspiring,” said Nimmo. “For example, the ‘I am Remarkable’ session will demonstrate how women working with women can enhance career opportunities and boost women’s ability to self-promote in the recruitment and workplace environments. We also have a session on ‘The Happy, Healthy Woman Leader,’ which probably speaks for itself, and an exercise by Native Americans in Philanthropy that provides a deeper understanding of the history of indigenous peoples. I’m also excited that we will screen Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s The Great American Lie, which has not been widely seen and uncovers the connection between gender and social and economic immobility. Donors will also be able to learn how to leverage and maximize different forms of giving and investing, in order to support female leadership and innovation.”

This year’s event will also offer a unique perspective from Philanthropy Women’s very own founder. Kiersten Marek will be attending the event in person, and delivering a daily wrap-up of conference activities for PW readers who are unable to attend.

“The conference’s diversity of topics and scope—from women’s role within the global economy to specific case studies like “Ending Child Marriage in Pakistan“—offers a unique opportunity for all of us to think deeply together about how we can work toward the project of gender equity,” said Nimmo. “I’m incredibly inspired and excited.”

Registration is now open for the September event, and tickets and hotel rooms are going fast! To learn more about the event, speakers, sponsors, and sessions, visit the #WomenFunded2019 website.

Follow this year’s journey and join the conversation with the hashtags #WomenFunded2019, #WF2019, and #leadershipforachangingworld. To register for the event, visit the event listing on Eventbrite or explore the event website.

Visit the Women’s Funding Network website to learn more about current and upcoming campaigns, and see how you can make a difference.

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Author: Maggie May

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