NATO: Exhibit A of Why We Need More Gender Equality in the World

President Trump, in Belgium on the fourth leg of his overseas trip, met with NATO and European Union leaders. Analysts said expectations were low.

I will let The New York Times fill you on what happened at this meeting with NATO and European Union leaders, but this picture tells a large part of the story about what global leadership looks like today — it is heavily male-dominated. Hopefully as more philanthropy takes on gender equality, we will see the percentages of women in politics increase.

From the article:

After the meeting, Mr. Trump headed to the Belgian residence of the United States ambassador, where he had a working lunch with Mr. Macron. Mr. Trump, who had appeared to favor Ms. Le Pen, Mr. Macron’s opponent, showered the French president with praise for his election win.

Mr. Macron, he said, “had a tremendous victory, all over the world they’re talking about it.”

Speaking in French, Mr. Macron said at a news conference that there had been differences during his meeting with Mr. Trump, but also a spirit of pragmatism.

“I met an effective and open partner,” said Mr. Macron. “We don’t necessarily interpret things in the same way, but we were able to speak very frankly.”

He said there was agreement to strengthen the joint fight against terrorism. That was “a step in the right direction,” he said. The two leaders also discussed an “inclusive diplomatic road map” for Syria, Mr. Macron said.

Asked about whether he had persuaded Mr. Trump to maintain the United States’ participation in the Paris climate agreement, Mr. Macron said he respected Mr. Trump’s decision to review the agreement but also made clear that a large gap between the two sides remained.

Source: Highlights: In Brussels, Trump Scolds Allies on Cost-Sharing, and Stays Vague on Article 5


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Kiersten Marek, LICSW, is the founder of Philanthropy Women. She practices clinical social work and writes about how women donors and their allies are advancing social change.

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