Funder Database: 413 Funders for Gender Equality in the US

The Philanthropy Women Gender Equality Funder Database is a unique data hub that aggregates over 700 listings of foundations, funds, and grantmakers. Our database provides contact and querying information as well as real-time news from the funders (when available) via live Twitter feed. All grantmakers in the PW Funder Database are doing gender equality work. The funders are listed across four categories: U.S., International, Corporate, and Family Foundations. The database is also searchable by keyword. Today, we are sharing the first 20 funders on our Gender Equality Funders for the U.S list.

funder database
The PW Gender Equality Funder Database has 413 listings, many with live Twitter feed to catch you up to date on each funder’s work.

Funders for Gender Equality in the U.S.

  1. A Room of Her Own Foundation (AROHO)
  2. Accenture
  3. Adidas
  4. Adobe Foundation
  5. AEC Trust
  6. Agua Fund
  7. The AHA Foundation
  8. AIAS Foundation
  9. AIG
  10. Akamai
  11. AKC Humane Fund
  12. Alexia Foundation
  13. Rita Allen Foundation
  14. AnitaB. Org
  15. Isabel Allende Foundation
  16. Alliance for Girls
  17. Allyn Family Foundation
  18. Alternatives for Girls
  19. Amazon
  20. American Eagle Outfitters Foundation

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