Feminist Giving In the News

We’ve started a new feature here at Philanthropy Women called Feminist Giving in the News. This service combs through the news online to find all the stories that are relevant to the evolving world of feminist funding and women-led approaches to social change, both in the for-profit and nonprofit realms.

With its Feminist Giving In the News articles, Philanthropy Women will be sharing more news on the ripple effects of gender lens giving and investing.

These posts will be interspersed with our original journalism on feminist giving, and will likely add up to about five new posts a week. To start off, here our first two weeks of top stories for Feminist Giving In the News:

“Olympics and Women” Launches in China with Support from Visa

As Climate Change Progresses, Male Migration is Hurting Women

$10 Billion Pledged for Global Women’s Health

New York Women’s Foundation Announces Support for 6 Trans Orgs

Boston Foundation Supports Women’s Business Holiday Market

Avon Foundation Gives $300 K for Domestic Violence Education

This Foundation is Amping Up Women’s Leadership in Healthcare

New Sustainability Report Card Grades on Gender Equality

Social Work School Receives Funding From Maura’s Voice

NELP Chooses New Executive Director

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