New 25th Anniversary Issue of GreenMoney Dedicated to Women

The April 2018 issue of GreenMoney is entirely written by women leaders in the gender lens investing space.

Feminist philanthropists take note: The 25th Anniversary issue of GreenMoney is entitled Women and Investing, and is written entirely by women. Here are some quick summaries of the top articles.

Julie Gorte of Pax World/Impax AM:

In her piece, Gender Equality: With or Without the Federal GovernmentGorte notes that the current GOP administration is less gender-diverse than the previous five (FIVE!) administrations. Gorte contends that there are many other ways that gender equality can be effected besides federal policy. She points to recent moves in corporations pushing for more board diversity, and provides evidence for gender equality being a significant stimulus to local economies.

Choice Quote: “These kinds of strong economic and financial drivers give investors reasons to care about gender equality, and to use their tools—investments, proxy voting, and engagement—to achieve it.”

Kristin Hull of Nia Impact Capital

In Putting Feminism into Our Finances, Kristin Hull explores several important markers of feminist values that can be considered when investing, including whether the company has women in leadership, provides access to capital for women, and produces products beneficial to women. Investors should also consider hiring female investment advisors and using their own voices as advocates for better policies in the companies they are investing in.

Choice Quote: “From women in board leadership, to CEO pay, to workplace equity we can all use our investor voice by voting proxy statements in alignment with fair and equitable corporate policies and procedures. “

Jane Carten of Saturna Capital

In Women in Finance: Plant Your Garden and Tend It, Jane Carten discusses Islamic values in finance and shares that much of Saturna Capital’s business is built on their ability to embrace a different model of financial values.

Choice Quote: “Staying true to core beliefs, being unafraid to carve out a non-traditional niche, and tending carefully to the surrounding community have been huge factors to my, and to Saturna’s, success.”

Amy Domini of Domini Impact Investing

In  Emerging Challenges in Gender Lens InvestingAmy Domini discusses the difficulties of creating and managing a gender lens portfolio.

Choice Quote: “It is clear that managing a portfolio with even the simplest gender standards is an uncomfortable position to find myself in. I hope that by my rising to the challenge, future generations will discover my path is easy to find and follow.”

There is more of interest in this issue, including an overview of how Pax World persuaded finance and tech companies to address their gender pay gaps. Clearly, there is a lot happening in the gender lens investing space, where profit and purpose are being integrated in new ways.


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Author: Kiersten Marek

Kiersten Marek, LICSW, is the founder of Philanthropy Women. She practices clinical social work and writes about how women donors and their allies are advancing social change.

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