Ananya Birla Foundation

Overview: Founded in 2020 by singer-entrepreneur and business tycoon Ananya Birla, the Ananya Birla Foundation promotes “global understanding and supports programs that build a kinder, happier, equal, stigma-free world.”

Funding areas: Under its “equality” funding stream, Ananya Birla Foundation plans to fund movements that bring more gender equality to communities. The website states: “A sad truth: women and girls often cannot achieve their potential simply because of their gender. We support innovative programs and campaigns that help ensure women and girls can lead more fulfilling lives.”

Contact: Contact page here.

Accepts Queries: Yes. Start grant application process here.

Citing a personal anecdote Ananya elaborates, “There are so many people and communities suffering and if we can help make it easier for them, we will. I want the Foundation to help as many people as possible, and do all we can to make the world a happier, kinder place.”

She adds, “Applications are now open on our website, please reach out if you think the Ananya Birla Foundation could support you or your organization in anyway.”

As part of its’ preliminary efforts, the Foundation in partnership with Svatantra Microfin Pvt. Ltd. will launch its’ community mental health programme in rural India starting from October this year, serving a population of approximately over a million. A nationwide pilot study and screening will be undertaken which will aid in the development of a highly innovative intervention to improve mental health outcomes in a community who have minimal access to mental health services. As an ensuing outreach activity, a team of local health partners will be appointed who will provide regular assessment, medications, education and follow-up services.

Earlier in May 2020, the Foundation made its’ first grant to Save The Children India and targeted 1 lac individuals. The grant entailed addressing the emergent needs of women and frontline workers as a part of the COVID-19 response in the state of Maharashtra.

Furthermore, the Foundation is participating in the distribution of provisional packs containing a month’s supply of food and hygiene supplies to families with limited resources across India in partnership with the Safa Foundation.

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