Abortion as Love: Network of Funds Announces New Campaign

National Network of Abortion Funds and Forward Together Unveil Art Campaign Illustrating Multigenerational Support for Abortion as an Act of Love 

On Roe anniversary, new artwork envisions the power of compassionate abortion support because everyone loves someone who had an abortion

Art created by Kenya Martin, Jasmine Burnett and Micah Bazant as a collaboration between National Network of Abortion Funds and Forward Together. (Image Credit: National Network of Abortion Funds)

As this week marks the 47th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the National Network of Abortion Funds and Forward Together are launching an art campaign that envisions multigeneration love and support during abortion. Forty-seven years after Roe, and in light of attacks attempting to block abortion access at the state and federal level, it’s apparent that Roe was never a promise to abortion access. The recent wave of attacks on abortion have left community members confused about where and if they can access abortion services. Many people are left facing increased attacks, intimidation at clinics, and stigma from their communities for accessing the care that they need—all pushing abortion access even further out of reach.

“Yes, abortion access is under attack, but that doesn’t mean we can give up hope,” said Yamani Hernandez, Executive Director of the National Network of Abortion Funds.“People will still want and need abortions. Now is the time for us to show up and care for the people in our lives having an abortion, and share messages of love and support across generations.”

Even with Roe giving a constitutional right to abortion, many people seeking an abortion often experience shame and stigma from their communities, society, and even themselves. This creates real barriers of fear that might prevent people from getting the abortion they want and need, and may even put them in unsafe conditions.

“Abortion stigma often results in people feeling ashamed about their decision and feeling isolated from their family and loved ones,” said Eveline Shen, Executive Director of Forward Together. “In the face of increased attacks on abortion access, including from the current presidential administration, art is a powerful tool to remind us to love, support and stand with people who have had abortions.”

“We wanted to create art that radiated love and compassion around abortion, and the power of intergenerational transformation to break the stigma. And show our respect and love for the generations of Black women who have led the fight for reproductive justice,” said Micah Bazant, Artist in Residence at Forward Together.

“As an abortion storyteller, and someone who worked in abortion clinics, I’ve seen many ways to love someone who had an abortion,” said Kenya Martin, Communications Program Coordinator at the National Network of Abortion Funds. “And as a parent, I envision a world where our vulnerability and honesty is our superpower, where we’re not perpetuating the myth of strength in isolation—where we trust our children to love us because of, not in spite of, the decisions we’ve made through our lives. I know that world is possible because being honest and transparent about my abortions with my daughter has proved to be the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

The all too common reality across the country is that Roe already fails to guarantee abortion access for so many people, including those contacting abortion funds. There are 76 abortion funds across the country filling in the gaps left by Roe by helping people navigate the barriers to abortion. Abortion funds offer loving and compassionate acts during abortion, including financial and logistical support for people seeking abortion care.


The National Network of Abortion Funds builds power with members to remove financial and logistical barriers to abortion access by centering people who have abortions and organizing at the intersections of racial, economic, and reproductive justice.

Forward Together transforms culture and policy to work for everyone nationwide. Since its founding in 1989, Forward Together has continually fought to dismantle the ways that society marginalizes people based on race, sexuality, and gender. Today, they build courage and foster connection among a multi-racial community of changemakers to secure the rights, recognition, and resources all families need to thrive.

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