May 14 Webinar: Feminist Giving for COVID: Strategies and Models

What can feminist giving do to help alleviate the COVID-19 crisis? 
We’re seeking to answer this question in “Feminist Giving for COVID: Strategies and Models,” the first ever webinar event from Philanthropy Women. Join Editor-in-Chief Kiersten Marek and special guests Marianne Schnall, Surina Khan, and Emily Nielsen Jones to discuss key strategies to support women and girls through COVID. 

feminist giving for covid

COVID 19 is presenting humanity with extreme challenges and hardships, and particularly for women and girls, the impacts are, and will be, profound. This 45 minute session will feature expert insights on how to apply a gender lens not only to your funding, but also to your everyday life in COVID, in order to improve our collective response to this unprecedented health crisis.

Our guests will speak to options for funders and individuals based on their experiences within the funding sector.

Marianne Schnall is the Founder of and What Will It Take. Her work as a writer and interviewer has been featured in media outlets all over the world, from to Forbes to The Oprah Magazine. Through her writing and nonprofit work, Marianne fights to raise awareness, boost education, and empower people to activism.

Surina Khan is the CEO of the Women’s Foundation of California (WFoC), which has taken a stance on the front lines fighting the COVID crisis. WFoC has rolled out numerous donor initiatives designed to fight coronavirus itself and the systemic issues the crisis exacerbates, such as domestic violence.

Finally, Emily Nielsen Jones is a donor activist and Founding Partner & Trustee with Imago Dei Fund, an organization dedicated to building “a more just and more free world in which all human beings can thrive and flourish together.” Her faith-inspired perspective investigates the intersections between faith, gender, and development around the world.

Our guests will speak not only to their respective organizations’ responses to the COVID crisis, but to the ways we can help alleviate the impact in our everyday lives. We hope you will join us for this enlightening event!

Registration is limited to the first 500 participants, so be sure to sign up at this link before seats fill up. We’ll see you there!


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