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Philanthropy Women needs your help! To reach our funding goals for 2021, we’re offering a new sponsorship method: ultimate benefits for a fraction of the cost.

Can you believe we’re almost halfway through 2021? Here at Philanthropy Women, this year has been a whirlwind. With so much to cover and so little time to do it, we’re opening the gates for a brand new sponsorship option for Philanthropy Women readers.

We’re divvying up our traditional yearlong Super Subscriptions into monthly support options: our new Monthly Super Subscriptions provide the same benefits of an annual Super Subscription at a price point more easily accessible for NGOs (and their budget committees!).

If you’ve been considering supporting Philanthropy Women this year but weren’t sure how to get started, our new monthly Super Subscriptions are the way to go.

For just $249, you or your organization can sponsor Philanthropy Women for a whole month. PW Super Subscribers receive all the benefits of our classic Premium Subscriptions, plus one 700-800 word profile post on your organization or editorial consideration for your upcoming campaigns.

This specialty Super Subscriber post will exist outside of the PW paywall, meaning your message will be shared with free AND Premium PW subscribers! There is no minimum monthly commitment, so sign on as a Super Subscriber to advertise your event, an upcoming campaign, or a year’s worth of news!

Why Sponsor Philanthropy Women?

As the only publication solely devoted to feminist philanthropyPhilanthropy Women boosts a sector of the news that would not otherwise get its moment in the spotlight. Your support helps us tell these stories, highlight amazing women all over the world, and bridge the gap left by mainstream media.

And like most small-teamed news organizations, our battle to find funding rages each and every year. We’re so close to our funding goal for 2021, so to ensure that we stick around for another year of feminist funding coverage, we need your help.

Supporting Philanthropy Women means supporting the fight for gender equity: For every dollar you contribute to our organization, we lift another voice with a critical message to share with the world.

To subscribe to Philanthropy Women, click here — or to make a tax-deductible donation, visit our donation page or email kiersten.marek@gmail.com.

What do I get with my Super Subscription?

Once offered only as an annual subscription, the new monthly Super Subscriptions offer all the benefits of full sponsorship at a fraction of the cost. For $249 per month, organizations and individuals receive:

  • Unlimited access to every piece of content published by Philanthropy Women
  • Full access to the PW Knowledgebase, the only online funder database solely dedicated to gender equality
  • One 700-800 word article on Philanthropy Women, traditionally an organization profile or a breakdown of an upcoming event or campaign

How do Super Subscriptions help my organization?

According to our 2020 Impact Report, Philanthropy Women is one of the most cost-effective ways for a nonprofit organization or individual activist to get their message out to the feminist funding world.

Philanthropy Women compares favorably in terms of share of voice and ranking keywords (two key features of online authority) with major philanthropy advisory firms and institutes of higher education. (Image: Moz.com statistics)

Our statistics show that Philanthropy Women remains one of the most authoritative media sites on philanthropy and gender equality. It’s also one of the most cost-effective advertising, marketing, and public relations options for women’s funds, foundations, and advocacy organizations.

As of May 17, Semrush reported the estimated price of Philanthropy’s Women’s share of organic keywords at $1,700 a month. (Image Credit: Semrush Organic Research Report)

According to Semrush, a site online that provides marketing data on websites, the estimated price of our share of organic traffic would cost around $1,700 a month in a comparable Google Ads campaign.

In other words, by being featured on PW, you are getting organic results for keywords around feminist giving and gender equality — the same results other organizations are paying over $20,000 per year to achieve.

If a Super Subscription isn’t in your budget, consider our other Premium Subscription offerings:

In addition to our free subscriptions and Super Subscriptions, PW is proud to offer Premium Access and Knowledgebase Only subscriptions.

As always, the team at Philanthropy Women is so honored to be leading the conversation surrounding feminist funding. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of readers like you, and with your continued support, we can take Philanthropy Women forward for another year.


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