Flash Women: Stories that Explore and Expose Women’s Lives

Flash Women provides flash fiction on women’s lived experiences. (Image Credit: Katrina Marek)

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Philanthropy Women is adding a new section called Flash Women. Once a month, Flash Women publishes a story that exposes women’s experiences of domination and exploitation, and explores the power of women to survive, overcome, and create a better world.

We are proud to share the work of contemporary women fiction writers because we believe that fiction can provide both entertainment and innovation, sparking new thoughts and ideas about social issues. We also think women’s unique perspective in storytelling needs more exposure.

Flash Women does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. Publication on Flash Women is by invitation only.

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The Day the Women Walked Away from Alabama

Photo by David Lundgren (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

No one saw them go. No one knew who left first, or if they all picked up at once and left together, only that they were all gone. From Miss Blossom Mae Simcock, aged 99 years and 364 days, to tiny Timarie Jones, born just before midnight the day before.

The nursing homes were nearly emptied. Mr. Hiram Quill at Country Gardens was the first reporter; no one had come to bring his breakfast, and not a single one of those lazy girls was anywhere to be found, no matter how many times he rang his buzzer. Mr. Quill decided to complain to Miss Blossom, whose 100th birthday party was scheduled for today. People from the TV were coming, and there would be cake. Mr. Quill did love cake.

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