New Partnership: Alliance Providing 50% Discount to PW Subscribers

One of the reasons I started Philanthropy Women in 2017 was because I was so impressed by the NoVo Foundation and its commitment of $90 million in new funding for women and girls of color. It seemed to me that if mainstream philanthropy could make that big and sudden of a footprint on helping women and girls of color, there was hope for the world after all.

As part of our new philanthropy journalism partnership, use code PHILANTHROPYWOMEN to get 50% off your subscription to Alliance magazine.

Now, five years and over 1,100 articles later, I am thrilled to announce a new partnership between Alliance magazine, the first and only major philanthropy magazine with a global focus, and Philanthropy Women. I believe Alliance magazine has the potential to be an important ally to Philanthropy Women, since Alliance takes the most inclusive lens with which to view the complex problems of humanity — the global lens — when providing journalism about donors and social change.

And the great news is — as part of this new partnership, you can get a 50% discount on subscribing to Alliance Magazine by using the coupon code philanthropywomen. That’s right — you can pay as little as £25 ($32.66 US) for a full year digital subscription to Alliance, or you can choose one of their other subscribing options including receiving their print quarterly. So I suggest you head on over and subscribe to Alliance right now!

In return, Philanthropy Women is giving Alliance magazine subscribers a $2.00 discount on our monthly subscription rate of $9.95. So if you’re an Alliance subscriber who cares deeply about women and girls and gender lens strategies for social change, head to our subscriber page to get your discount.

PW’s Alliance With Alliance Magazine is Good for Women and Girls Everywhere

One of the first things we are going to do with the new subscription dollars coming in is build out more coverage of global philanthropy for women and girls. I hope to add many more international foundations and grantmakers to the PW Funder Database and expand my search tools so that I can aggregate more of the day-to-day gender lens giving news from the global scene.

We also hope to do more reporting and convening on how to fund women and girls globally and how to ensure that women everywhere have safer environments and more options for their futures.

We have started to do some coverage here at Philanthropy Women with a global lens, but now we will likely be doing much more in that direction. It only makes sense. Since so much of the wealth that is generated for America’s donor class is dependent on extreme exploitation of labor in other parts of the world, Alliance magazine seems to be the perfect place to talk about social change, and to move toward reconciling what funders do with their economic leverage on a global scale as well as their philanthropy dollars. Journalism that tells us more about global approaches to social change (and particularly gender lens approaches IMHO) has the potential to make this work more visible and accountable, adding momentum to movements to improve living conditions and opportunities for people everywhere.

For those of you who want to dig right in to the feminist giving content at Alliance, you might be glad to know that Alliance did some of the earliest coverage of feminist philanthropy for public consumption. One of my favorite articles since I started digging into their archives is this 2004 interview with Kavita Ramdas, who was then the Executive Director of the Global Fund for Women. Ramdas identifies two important facts about feminist philanthropy in this early interview: 1) just putting those two words together is very threatening for some people and 2) there is scarcity of resources for gender lens strategies and win-lose competition for funding.

Alliance has continued to go to extra lengths to cover the feminist giving world by having a special issue in 2019 dedicated to the topic, as well as a special section of its digital magazine devoted to gender philanthropy. They have also hosted some interesting convenings on feminist philanthropy, particularly over the past several years.

We hope you’ll join us participating in the Alliance magazine community.


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Author: Kiersten Marek

Kiersten Marek, LICSW, is the founder of Philanthropy Women. She practices clinical social work and writes about how women donors and their allies are advancing social change.

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