Kathleen Loehr Hosts New Seminar to Build Female Giving Leadership

Kathleen Loehr, President of Kathleen Loehr & Associates, LLC, has launched a nine month program to support female leaders in philanthropy.

Kathleen Loehr, President of Kathleen Loehr & Associates, LLC and the host of the Women’s Philanthropy Senior Leader Seminar (Image credit: Kathleen Loehr & Associates LLC)

(From Kathleen Loehr, April, 2021) Given the increased power of women we are seeing in the headlines and in our communities, it is time to double down on the importance of women’s philanthropy and find ways to accelerate it.  In January, I committed to focusing solely on growing women’s philanthropy. The Women’s Philanthropy Senior Leader Seminar is one outcome of that commitment. Please join me on the next phase of this journey. 

The Women’s Philanthropy Senior Leader Seminar will help institutions create and implement a women’s philanthropy strategy that works and is aligned with each institution’s goals. The seminar, limited to 12 senior fundraising leaders per cohort, will meet online monthly for nine months.

  • Learn the 6 core principles of successful women’s philanthropy.
  • Learn how to approach your influencers and decision-makers so you have the buy-in for this new path forward.
  • Receive feedback on draft implementation plans, strategies, materials and talking points.
  • Create and begin to implement your institution’s unique strategic roadmap for a sustainable women’s philanthropy focus that is integrated across your team.
  • Gain the enthusiastic commitment, engagement, networks and first gifts from women who care about your organization.
This seminar will take on 12 students, all female leaders in philanthropy, and will consist of nine seminars over the span of nine months. (Image credit: Kathleen Loehr & Associates, LLC)

During our sessions I will share the experiences I’ve gained working with dozens of organizations, such as William & Mary, Duke University, University of San Francisco, The Jewish Federations of North America, Young Life, The American Red Cross and the National Coalition of Girls Schools. And YOU will share with each other as you and your colleagues grapple together with the content to design your own unique plans to grow women’s support. DOING the work is the fastest way to LEARN the work.

Excitement is building for this transformative seminar. Check out the details today. Early bird registration ends June 17. The seminar begins July 8. 

There is an application form on the website if you are interested. And if not, please help grow the field by sharing this message across your networks. Simply forward this email, with the information below, to those you believe will want to learn about this.

Together, we will accelerate women’s philanthropy at more institutions across the country!

– Kathleen Loehr, President of Kathleen Loehr & Associates, LLC


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