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It’s official! Feminist Giving: Creating New Frontiers in Social Change is now available as a hardcover book! Grab your copy on Lulu to give the biggest resource boost to Philanthropy Women!

Feminist Giving is out! Get your copy today!

You can also buy the book on Kobo, or Amazon. This book is packed with the latest and greatest information from the feminist giving sphere. Loaded with interviews and insights from some of philanthropy’s top voices, Feminist Giving is a comprehensive look at modern feminist philanthropy and the themes, campaigns, and people leading the charge in transforming our world.

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Early Praise for Feminist Giving

We’re delighted to share some of the first reactions to Feminist Giving from leading philanthropy experts. Here are just a few of the highlights! Be sure to add your review wherever you buy the book, send us an email at or, or drop your review in the comments on this post!

We are so grateful to everyone who has helped to make this book a reality, and we can’t wait to share every step of the journey with you.

“Kiersten Marek has become the scribe for feminist giving and her efforts have created a movement beyond that of women’s philanthropy, bringing it to another level. Feminist Giving showcases what is happening with women’s giving and details the efforts of not only the wealthy, but brings donor equality to the forefront and the changes it has made. For anyone wanting to know where to give, many are showcased in this informative book.”

Co-Founders of the Women’s Philanthropy Institute

“Marek’s book is a treasure trove for the feminist philanthropist who wants to dig deeper into her rationale for giving. It is also a valuable resource for intersectional feminist leaders who want to better understand the philanthropic landscape. This is an important book for women’s rights everywhere.”

CEO, The Hive Collective

“Kiersten Marek has delivered us a timely publication; one that can support both philanthropists and fundraisers alike. By tracking generational shifts and evolutions in feminist giving, Marek enhances the conversation about funding and fueling gender parity with smart analysis and skill. This book is a must read for anyone seeking to understand and champion the new definition of ‘philanthropic power’ that is rising out of the feminist giving movement and driving social change.”

Speaker, Forbes Contributor, and CEO of Wright Collective

“…an unavoidable reference to know and understand what happens in the field of women’s philanthropy in the United States. …It [is] essential to develop our own autonomous and sustainable mechanisms to support the struggles for women’s rights in all economic and political spheres that go beyond philanthropy and that question the current distribution of power. …Welcome then to Kiersten Marek’s book as it opens up questions and concerns common to the global North and South, while providing enormous information on how money, influences and voice are constitutive tools of great social changes.”

Senior advisor, ELLAS-Women and Philanthropy

“This book leaves the reader empowered to ask for what is needed while demystifying the philanthropic process. By providing us a look into women’s history with a strong mission for the future, Kiersten Marek creates an innovative road map for any feminist looking to even the score within the philanthropy movement. A breath of fresh air!!!”

Writer and Director

“Kiersten Marek has written a timely and comprehensive summary of the current state of women’s philanthropy and feminist giving.  As an experienced journalist and creator of the well-known Philanthropy Women media site, she has used her wide range of contacts with influential women to build a picture that is alarming, affirming, and challenging. …Marek’s book is an important contribution to the field of women’s philanthropy and feminist giving. It’s well worth the read.”

CFRE, Philanthropy Consultant, Author of Generosity and Gender

Feminist Giving: Creating New Frontiers in Social Change provides an expansive look at the multitude of strategies and issues that feminist leaders are addressing with their ties, testimony, treasure, and talent.  There is an array of case studies for the philanthropic arena to sit up and pay attention to if the field wants to take a more active role in addressing structural issues of racism and sexism in society.”

Gender Avenger and Coach of the Women’s Funding Movement

“Research is clear that gender does indeed matter in philanthropy… Kiersten Marek’s new book provides a tremendous landscape of how women create lasting social change. With example after example, Kiersten educated, inspired, and amazed me with in-depth reports of women making organizations, communities, movements and our country more sustainable and equitable for all. Feminist Giving is an important resource for anyone interested in the accelerating impact of women’s philanthropy.”

Author of Gender Matters: A Guide to Growing Women’s Philanthropy


Alarming, Affirming, Challenging: It’s HERE! Order Feminist Giving TODAY!

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