New Product: PW Funder Database for Gender Equality

It’s always a challenge finding funders, that special group of folks who understand your mission and want to align with that mission by providing financial support.

pw knowledgebase
Philanthropy Women has released a new funder contact base, a database of over 400 listings of gender equality funders across the categories of U.S., International, Family, and Corporate giving.

That’s one of the reasons we’ve created the world’s first database of gender equality funders, the Philanthropy Women Funder Database. With over 400 listings of funders for gender equality, the PW Funder Database wants to be the source that helps more people break into gender equality work.

The PW Funder Database entries are short, addressing only the barest of facts you need to know as you scour for leads. Each entry contains information on the type of funding provided for women and girls by the funder, as well as link access to lists of grants awarded by the funder, proposal writing guidelines, FAQ’s, application pages, and other relevant data on contacting and querying. Each entry also provides a window into real-time happenings for this funder or organization via Twitter (when available), so you can check out the current culture of the organization and see if it feels like a good fit for a funding pitch.

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