Check Out These Resources for Dancers to Recover Post-COVID

The Dance Data Project® has released its third Global Fellowships, Competitions, and Initiatives Guide, providing resources about opportunities in the field.

Dance Data Project® has taken COVID-19 and its effects on performers into account in the latest edition of  the "Global Fellowships, Competitions, and Initiatives Guide". (Image credit: Dance Data Project®)
Dance Data Project® has taken COVID-19 and its effects on performers into account in the latest edition of the “Global Fellowships, Competitions, and Initiatives Guide”. (Image credit: Dance Data Project®)

Dance Data Project® (DDP) released its third annual “Global Fellowships, Competitions, and Initiatives Guide.” The Guide seeks to be a comprehensive, “one stop shop” for connecting choreographers, artists, and students with a wide array of exciting international opportunities in the dance field.

In 2019, DDP provided the first version of this much-needed resource and in 2020 updated it with newfound programs for which dance makers were encouraged to apply, especially important with the profound impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on opportunities available to choreographers and leaders in dance. The 2021 Guide, expanded to include nearly 100 entries, also contains a list of initiatives from ballet companies that are leading the way in supporting emerging and underrepresented talent.

“This Resource is a direct result of artist feedback that they have missed deadlines or are not sure if they are eligible. DDP understands it takes an immense amount of scarce time to hunt down opportunities and then determine if she is eligible,” said Liza Yntema, Founder and President of DDP. “Here, DDP centralizes the resources and provides a timely reminder of deadlines through a Home Page banner.”

Female choreographers were one of the hardest-hit populations of the pandemic, with ballet companies cutting back commissions from an already meager share of opportunities. This Guide gives women choreographers and leaders of all ages access to funding, and in many cases, housing and other benefits, to continue their research or create new work.

DDP includes a summary of each program along with information regarding compensation, eligibility, deadlines, and an easily accessible link to the application/information page. “Our 2021 Guide has 20% more listings than the first version and has been updated with the most current information available. We hope this curated resource will be greatly beneficial to female artists who might not otherwise have the time or wherewithal to research these opportunities,” said DDP Research and Special Projects Lead Michayla Kelly.

The entire Guide is available on DDP’s website or by download here.

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