WDN Presents New Seminar Series on Uplifting Birth Justice

WDN has launched a three-part seminar series covering reproductive justice and its relationships to feminism and anti-racist movements.

WDN's three-part series will be spread across three separate dates: June 1st, June 16th, and July 14th. (Image credit: WDN)
WDN’s three-part series will be spread across three separate dates: June 1st, June 16th, and July 14th. (Image credit: WDN)

For the last ten years, birth justice service providers, advocates and funders have been pushing to improve US maternal health. Join WDN for a three-part series on birth justice and come away with an understanding of what the birth justice movement is, how it connects to the reproductive justice movement, and what it means to invest in it with an anti-racist, feminist lens.

Each session will cover a distinct topic with a panel of leaders from the birth justice movement. You can choose to go to as many or as few of the sessions as you’d like, in any order. Click “register” to select the sessions you’d like to attend.

Session 1: Investing in Birth Centers & Positive Outcomes

June 1, 10 – 11 am PT / 1 – 2 pm ET

This session will answer the question, “Why is birth justice important for individuals and communities?” Our panel of speakers will discuss birth centers (with a focus on BIPOC-led birth centers), direct services, and how these services are funded through community-controlled capital.

Speakers: Amanda Coslor, WDN member; Nashira Baril, co-founder of Birth Center Equity; Leseliey Welch, co-director of Birth Center Equity; Taj James, partner of Full Spectrum Capital Partners; Jennie Joseph, founder of Commonsense Childbirth

Session 2: Our Bodies, Our Futures: Organizing for Birth Justice

June 16, 11 am – 12 :15 pm PT / 2 – 3 pm ET

We will hear how grassroots organizing has advanced the birth justice movement by creating innovative direct service models and changing entrenched policy, bringing more healthy outcomes for mothers and parents.

Speakers: Indra Lusero, founder & director of Elephant Circle; Jamarah Amani, executive director of Southern Birth Justice Network, co-founder of National Black Midwives Alliance; Naa Hammond, senior program officer of Groundswell Fund; Amanda Coslor, WDN member

Session 3: From Silos to Synergy: Funding Maternal and Newborn Health, Justice, and Equity

July 14, 10 – 11 :15 am PT / 1 – 2 :15 pm ET

Join to learn about the politics of the birth justice funding ecosystem. Our panel of speakers will highlight trends, gaps, and key recommendations for shaping the future of maternal and newborn health, justice, and equity.

Speakers: Susannah Canfield Hurd, vice president of Global Health Visions; Kay Sandberg, executive director & founder of Global Force for Healing; Kelly Davis, chief equity officer of National Birth Equity Collaborative; Dr. Joia Crear-Perry, MD, founder & president of National Birth Equity Collaborative


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